These resources have been created through programs of the Women’s March Network, and by our sister organization, Women’s March. They are designed to help members of our movement organize effectively, engage with the issues they care about, and make change — all through a women-centered lens.

Women’s March Unity Principles

Two dozen women leaders from a wide cross-section of movements came together to create these Unity Principles for the 2017 Women's March. This living document is the foundation of our movement.

Empower Toolkit (Part 1)

This toolkit is designed to help young leaders identify the causes that matter to them and their community through the use of a core toolkit. The toolkit will also guide them in developing action-based activism skills.

Empower Toolkit (Part 2)

This toolkit is designed to prepare young people to get educated on voting and get ready to vote through collaboration with Rock The Vote in 2020.

Empower Toolkit (Part 3)

This toolkit is designed to support young women who are interested in running for office through collaboration with Rise To Run.

ENOUGH National School Walkout Toolkit

Youth Empower’s toolkit for the March 14, 2018, ENOUGH walkouts. This toolkit reviews the issues and all the steps young people might need to organize a student walkout about gun violence.

Accessible Organizing Toolkit

Our movements have to be accessible to people with disabilities. Our sister organization, Women’s March, has created a toolkit to help you make sure you are organizing in a way that is accessible and ADA-compliant.

Let’s Talk: One-on-One Organizing Toolkit

This document, created by our sister organization, Women’s March, is meant to serve as an introduction to one-on-one meetings (1:1s) as a community organizing tactic, and to provide guidance on how to conduct effective 1:1 conversations.